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Hello. My name is Connor. I like it better when
you call me Connor and not the stupid username
thing that is here. Call me whatever you want,
but you can no longer say you're uninformed.

This is a pretty bad comic that I do. I like it
but not everyone does. It's been going on for a
little while and has a bunch of stuff. I try to
make new ones all the time but most of the time
I cannot. But I try to make them as often as I

I started this comic because I am bad at making
comics so I thought if I practiced a whole bunch
that I would get better, and I kinda have. At
first this comic was kinda journal-y because I
thought I could use myself to tell jokes. That
helped a lot to make them. Eventually I realized
I could make better jokes if I didn't tell them
through myself and so I stopped doing that and
now I draw stick figures. I want you all to know
I can draw people a lot better now than I used to.

If you can think of anything else you would want
to know you can ask in the comments because to the
best of my knowledge I read all of them. Or you
can contact me for any reason at
Connor (at) DrawingBoardComic (dot) com.
(Recently I've been pretty bad about getting back
to people, but be assured I've read and will read
everything I'm sent.)
Or if you're too hip for that, you can probably
also reach me through Twitter.