Looks Like Lightning

The reason for all the pausing is that he's trying to think of something more manly than bird watching.
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Or be forced to look at Comic Sans


Out of context, I wish the 5th panel was my life's motto.


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User's Comments:

Andrex (Guest), July 1st, 2009, 1:55 am


Highjacked, July 1st, 2009, 2:45 am

That is some pretty manly lightning watching.

Niriel (Guest), July 1st, 2009, 7:37 am

Is it ? Is it that manly to want to watch muscles ? They're not my favorite curves...

JNoblitt (Guest), July 1st, 2009, 10:54 pm

I'd just like to go ahead and throw out the suggestion that you keep doing comics. Like forever.

elsh (Guest), July 2nd, 2009, 12:47 am

Sorry to say this, but the last panel's cute. >: I like the setup for it though! It's a good joke. I really like the two pauses in the fifth panel (the second one especially, but don't tell the first one; I don't want to make it jealous)!

Ennokni, July 2nd, 2009, 11:10 am

I think gay men can be manly. I think even women can be manly. Manliness is not something that discriminates.

Ecchin, July 3rd, 2009, 7:54 am

Gayness has nothing to do with manlyness.
I know many man who are just pussies but are still straight.

aw, i reached the last comic now. When are you moving Ennokni? And where to?

Jonno (Guest), July 3rd, 2009, 10:33 am

Shirts? You need to make a shirt of the last panel.

Cartoon Slinger (Guest), July 3rd, 2009, 1:27 pm

Muscle Watching is manly... ...As long as you don't get aroused.

Guest, July 3rd, 2009, 1:34 pm

WTF where are the rest of the comix??????

=D keep it up homes

Ennokni, July 3rd, 2009, 1:35 pm

I'm not going anywhere yet. I'll be sure to tell you if I do.

Nah man, I'm not going to do shirts until I at least get this moving to my own site thing over with. Even then probably not.

Guys, I make comics on a schedule of Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Saturday. I'm sorry to say you'll just have to wait for the next update. I couldn't make 'em any faster if I wanted to.

Ecchin, July 3rd, 2009, 4:07 pm

Ecchin I gotta say i'd follow you anywhere on the Internet xD Just warn us please. I love MSPANCE as well.

edit: ah, and don't forget to come up with a neet Favicon for your future site, for me to use in my neet bookmark tool bar. thnx xD

Erik (Guest), July 25th, 2009, 5:06 pm

LOL I LOL'd at this one :D

Sc3Grim, July 29th, 2009, 5:33 pm

bahahaha My friends would love this

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