(Hey guys this page is a work-in-progress so excuse the appearance, please.)

Here are some comics done by friends/internet-friends that I fully endorse:

Cowbirds In Love - Sanjay is a really funny
and also very nice guy. Everybody should
always read these comics. They are always
great, or better.

Red Giraffe - Morgan and Lukas are super
hilarious and also really good at backgrounds.
Crazy good.

Glee - The kind of thing that sneaks up on you
and devours your funny bone.

Americrayon - I don't know where it went,
but man do I miss it so. Best characters ever.

Unicellular - I don't how Tom can come up
with so much stuff for micro-organisms to
do, not to mention keeping it hilarious.

Kayotics - Kay also does a dramatic comic,
but I secretly like this one better.

And these are comic I love by people wish I knew:

Kiwis By Beat!
One Swoop Fell
Dawn of Time
Blank It
Simple Apology
State Of The Ward
Lackadaisy Cats
MS Paint Adventures
Last Place Comics
Wiki's Lessons in Life
The Abominable Charles Christopher
The Robot Is Sad
The Meek
Rob and Elliot
Daisy Owl
Chain Bear
Left-Handed Toons
Firman Productions
my winter cap
Wonderful Theater Comics
Awkward Zombie

My secret goal is to have a conversation with the
creator of every comic on this list.